The coronavirus pandemic has impacted how companies of all sizes and kinds do business. Whether your business has been able to stay open or has been forced to close and is now making plans to re-open, undoubtedly you are implementing many new policies and procedures in place to assure the safety, health and comfort of both your employees and customers. It’s crucial to communicate this new information both internally and externally, including updated employee sick-leave policies, new business operational hours and procedures, increased cleaning and sanitation plans, and a variety of other important changes you’ve carefully considered and put in place.

So what’s the best way to deliver this critical messaging to your workers and guests? You’ve probably seen a lot of mass emails and printed flyers, some companies even drafting 25+ page long PDFs for the public to read. I think we can all agree that this is NOT the most effective way of distributing your messaging to the masses. Most people will not take the time to read a paragraph of text, let alone pages and pages of written information.

The BEST way to communicate these new company policies and procedures is VIDEO.

Video is time and again proven to be the most engaging medium of messaging. The average person does not want to read your 20-page COVID-19 response plan. They want to watch a short and succinct video with an engaging host and accompanying visuals.

Levy Production Group is your one-stop-shop resource for the creation and distribution of these extremely important explainer videos and company training videos. We offer clients a turn-key solution for producing their videos from concept to completion, delivering a quality product on time and on budget.

So how does it work? Well it’s simple! Our creative team will discuss your needs with you over the phone or through video consultation. We’ll get started right away on writing your video scripts, or if you have scripts already written, we can help you fine-tune your messaging in a way that’s best suited for video. Then we’ll give you an assortment of on-camera hosts to choose from and you can select one or multiple spokespersons who fit your brand well. Or if you’d like one of your own company executives or representatives to deliver the on-camera messaging, that’s an option as well. Once the scripts are approved and the talent is selected, we’ll shoot the videos in our professional chromakey production studio with our in-house production crew. Or if you prefer not to use an on-camera host, we can instead record your script using a professional voiceover talent. And finally, our creative team of post-production professionals will edit your videos together utilizing engaging graphics, music, sound design, as well as stock video or photos or b-roll of your company as desired.

You’ve spent a great deal of time and effort putting important safety measures into place in your business. Don’t count on your audience to read the information for themselves. Show it to them in an engaging video produced by a professional video production company.

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