Levy Production Group is proud to be honored as a winner of this year’s Family Owned Business Awards presented by Nevada Business Magazine and Nevada State Bank. LPG won in the category of “Change is Good” which recognizes family owned businesses that have a second-generation involved in the business. Nevada Business Magazine received hundreds of nominations this year, and a panelist of business professionals chose finalists and ultimately winners in each category.


Many people are surprised to learn that brothers Mike and Barry Levy didn’t set out to open a television production company, but rather fell into the business sort of fortuitously. They started out working in their parents’ Las Vegas automotive upholstery company, Valley Auto Upholstery, in the 1980s.

One day they decided to make some fun and unique commercials to help drive business for the shop, and before long the commercials became the talk of the town. Other local businesses started asking if they’d make commercials for them, and not too long after they realized they had stumbled into the right market at the right time. In the late1980s there weren’t many (if any) local video production companies and full-service advertising agencies making creative broadcast commercials.

So the whole family pivoted from auto upholstery to video production, and their family business Century Productions was born. Knowing very little about video production at the time, the brothers quickly learned everything they could about the industry, invested in a space where they could build a studio in, bought camera and editing equipment, and hired top-tier talent. The business started flowing in and I guess you could say the rest is history!

The company was eventually renamed from Century Productions to Levy Production Group. In the last 10 years, Mike’s daughter Jacquie joined the team as their full-time Senior Producer/Writer. Mike and Barry’s nephew Nico (their sister’s son) also joined the company as the full-time Production Coordinator. Some of the other employees who have been with the company since the start also consider themselves part of the Levy family, and the feeling is mutual. Levy Production Group is proud to have been a true family-owned and operated small business in Southern Nevada for the last 35 years.

Thank you to Nevada Business Magazine and Nevada State Bank for this award!

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