TV Commercial Production

Levy Production Group has a 30-year history of producing television commercials for a wide range of clients. Whether you’re looking for direct-response commercials, creative commercials that focus more on branding, or something different all together, our talented staff of writers and producers are sure to help you develop the perfect campaign to meet your goals.

We take your commercial campaign from concept to completion including:

No commercial project or budget is too big or too small, from concepts that require multiple days of shooting on location with a large crew, to commercials that don’t require shooting at all and are just driven by voiceover and graphics.

Plus, our in-house advertising agency Levy Ad Group is one of the largest buyers of broadcast air time in the city of Las Vegas. Our 30 years of experience in media buying and strong connections with local broadcast stations gives us the ability to get our clients lower rates on air buys than they could get themselves. Our media buyers can help you develop a strategic plan for how best to reach your target audience while working within your budget.

From our award-winning video production services, to our knowledgeable in-house advertising agency, we will produce you a campaign that gets results.