Corporate Sales & Marketing Videos

In our highly digital society, it’s more important than ever before for all organizations to utilize creative video production to reach their audiences and stay competitive. Levy Production Group has a 30-year history of producing sales and marketing videos for a wide range of clients from large corporations to small businesses and non-profits.

We take your project from concept to completion including:

No video project or budget is too big or too small, from concepts that require multiple days of shooting on location with a large crew, to videos that don’t require shooting at all and are just driven by voiceover and graphics. Marketing videos can leave a lasting impression on viewers, helping to identify who you are, what you do and what you offer. These videos can also act as a flexible sales tool to add to your marketing mix to increase customer knowledge, leads and sales.

These kinds of projects can include:

  • “About Us” videos for your company website
  • Marketing videos for social media
  • Product demo videos
  • Sales pitch videos
  • Event sizzle reels
  • Fundraising/marketing videos for non-profit organizations
  • Corporate recruiting videos
  • Corporate training/orientation videos
  • And many more!

Let us help you show the world who you are and what you do with a high-quality, creative marketing video.