Las Vegas Production Equipment Rentals

Video Equipment Rentals

Levy Production Group has a large inventory of production equipment available for rental with or without crews, including:

  • HD Camera Packages: Our camera packages available for rent include the best HD camera choices from Sony, Cannon, RED and more
  • Audio Packages: We have everything you need for ENG shoots or multi-camera projects from mixers to lavalier mics, stick mics, boom mics, shotgun mics and more
  • Lighting & Grip Packages: Customize your lighting package to meet your needs with our Kinos, Arri lights, battery powered LED lights, and all the grip tools and accessories to light up your shoot
  • Teleprompter Packages: Our shoot-through teleprompter systems can be rented with a prompter operator to help your on-camera talent seamlessly deliver content
  • Jibs, Dollies & Sliders: We have all the extras needed to elevate your camera package and help you get that perfect shot
  • Tricaster Fly Pack: Our 850 Tricaster Extreme is built into a complete modular system and ideal for live or live-to-tape switching on site

All equipment is competitively priced. A staging area for crews to pick-up and drop-off equipment is available 24/7.