How Much Does It Cost to Produce a Commercial or Digital Marketing Video?

The cost for commercial videos

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This is a difficult question to answer with a generalized statement because each video we produce is extremely unique and is priced based on a multitude of factors including:

  • How much creative work needs to be done?
  • How big of a crew is needed?
  • What type of equipment is needed?
  • Do you need to hire professional actors?
  • How many shoot days will there be?
  • And how much post-production work there is to complete.

That said, here are some general ballpark figures: commercials and digital marketing videos can be as low as the three-thousand to five-thousand-dollar range, up to the ten to twenty-thousand dollar plus range.

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Some clients like to tell us what kind of video they want and have us tell them what it will cost to accomplish it. On the flip side, other clients will come to us with very specific budgets and ask us what they can get for that amount of money.

All of our services are competitively priced, and we are happy to discuss your individual project needs in detail to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need within your budget.

No budget is too big or too small, at Levy Production Group we’re happy to work on projects of all sizes! And we guarantee that you’re going to love your finished product – whether it’s a small local commercial costing just a few thousand dollars, or a bigger budget national campaign.

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