Media Ownership Rights

Owning rights to your media

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Any media our crews capture for your project whether it be a video or still photos, belongs to you exclusively, in perpetuity.

After shoots are complete, crews bring all the media back to our facility where we upload it to our servers.

If we are not editing anything for you, we will load all your media onto a hard drive right away and ship it to you.

If we are editing your project, we will wait until the post-production process is complete and then deliver all final versions of your finished videos, along with any and all of the media assets we captured for you, on a hard drive.

We will also keep your media backed up here at our facility for at least a month after your shoot in case anything happens to your drive.

For clients who we work with on an on-going basis, we’re happy to keep the full library of all your footage here at our facility for safekeeping and easy access for editors to use in any projects we produce for you. But the rights to all media still belong 100% exclusively to you!

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