What can professional video production do for your company? Turns out…a lot! 

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 kinds of videos that all businesses should have. Some are external-facing marketing videos and some are internal HR videos. All of them are crucial tools that can make your company more successful.

  1. A Strong Informational Video 

When consumers visit your website before making a buying decision, they aren’t just looking for information, but also forming an opinion about your brand. The best way to tell your brand’s story is through a high-quality “About Us Video” on the homepage of your website that is both informative and captivating. These brand-identity videos are usually 1-3 minutes long, high-energy, fast-paced, and full of beautiful imagery that showcases your products or services. Informational videos may include soundbites from the company’s owners, founders, executives or employees. They may also have voiceover narration that describes who the company is, what it does, and why consumers should choose your brand over others.

These videos should give a high-level overview of what you do and not get too detailed on the kinds of services provided or product features offered. The goal of a good informational video is to excite the viewer about your brand and encourage them to dive deeper for more information on your website. It’s also important to regularly update your informational video to make sure it stays current with what your company offers as your business grows and expands.

  1. Captivating Digital Marketing Videos

For some industries, it’s still crucial to have traditional commercials that air on broadcast TV and streaming services. However, not all brands need to or want to buy traditional TV airtime to reach their target audiences. Thanks to the sophisticated targeting techniques of professional digital marketing companies, it’s easier than ever for companies of all sizes to reach their exact target audiences by serving them ads wherever they are online. And the most effective form of digital marketing is video, whether it’s a youtube pre-roll commercial, a banner ad that plays video, or marketing videos on any social media platform that can be “boosted” to reach a wider targeted market.

The content you present your audiences through these digital marketing videos will need to vary slightly from platform to platform. For example you may need a flashy 15- second, music-driven marketing video for Youtube pre-roll ads, and a more soundbite-driven 60-second vertical commercial for Instagram Reels. Finding a full-service digital agency that works in collaboration with an in-house video production company is the best way to understand what kinds of digital marketing videos would be most effective in capturing your desired audience and converting them to a sale.


3. Positive Client Testimonial Videos

The best people to speak on behalf of YOUR brand are always going to be YOUR actual customers! You may be surprised to find that many of your satisfied clients and customers will be more than happy to participate in a short on-camera testimonial to give their positive feedback about a product or service they truly enjoyed. These positive testimonials can be edited together into a 3-4 minute compilation video and/or edited into a series of short individual testimonials that are one minute or less. You can share your testimonial videos on your website, on your youtube page, and also drip-release them one at a time on your social media channels to continuously remind your audience why real people loved doing business with you!

Client testimonial videos can be captured by a professional video production company either in your offices, in your clients’ offices or homes, or in a production studio either over a practical backdrop or over green-screen. Many companies also find that a great opportunity to capture a bunch of client testimonials all at once is to have a professional video production crew attend their convention, tradeshow, business conference or event, where many of their clients will be in attendance all together. This makes it an easy ask for clients to step aside at your booth or event space and participate in a short 5 minute interview.

  1. An Effective Recruiting Video

Recruiting the right candidates for open job positions is a constant struggle for HR professionals at every company. One of the best tools that can aid in your company’s personnel search is an effective recruiting video. These videos are typically 3-5 minutes long and aim to show and tell prospective employees exactly what it would be like if they took a job at your company.

Recruiting videos typically feature soundbites from your company’s management and/or current employees talking about what it’s like to work there, why they joined the team, and what they love most about their jobs. High-quality video of your corporate office spaces is also a great way to help prospective employees visualize exactly what it would be like to work in that environment.

  1. Useful Orientation & Training Videos

Training new employees is a time-consuming and ongoing endeavor for nearly all companies. That’s why informational orientation and training videos can be a wonderful asset to help in the process. Some companies prefer to simply use a short and sweet 5 minute “welcome video” during the on-boarding process for new employees to see and hear from their new executive team welcoming them to the company and preparing them for what’s to come. Other companies find it useful to produce much longer training videos that dive deep into the processes and procedures that new employees need to learn.

Photo of woman in a restaurant taken from training video

Having these trainings in a prepared video format is not only convenient, but also ensures that there is consistency in how employees are being trained every time. Not to mention, watching a high-quality training video is MUCH more interesting for your new-hires than reading a training manual. High-energy orientation and training videos are a sure-fire way to get your employees excited to start their new jobs!

Are you ready to start building your company’s library of video assets? Reach out to Levy Production Group today to connect with one of our video production professionals who can advise you on what kinds of videos will be most effective in boosting your brand.