Do I Need to Be Involved in the Video Editing Process?

Video Editing Process

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We like to tell our clients that they can be as involved, or not involved in the editing process as they’d like to be.

One thing that sets Levy Production Group apart from other production facilities in Las Vegas is our luxurious editing suites that were designed with our clients’ comfort in mind. We are happy to have you sit-in on the edit session, whether you’d like to be super involved in the editing process and direct every frame of the cut, or you’re just excited to watch the magic happen and might chime in with some feedback here or there.

You’ll be relaxing here in our plush couches and watching the editor work on the big screen. We’ll keep you comfortable all day long with complimentary waters, sodas, coffees, snacks and freshly baked cookies. And when it’s time to eat a meal, lunch is on us.

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That sounds pretty great right? But we know that a lot of clients are too busy to spend full days here watching the edit, or they live out of town, or simply don’t feel the need to be involved in the process because they’re confident in our award-winning post-production team here to knock it out of the park for them. And that’s totally fine too! We will send you private links to easily view cuts of the video and provide us with feedback along the way until you are fully satisfied with the end result.

So in short, no you definitely do not NEED to be involved in the editing process, BUT you’re welcome to be if you WANT to be.

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