Role of a Video Producer

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The role of a producer can vary from project to project. Basically they are there to coordinate, direct, and manage your video production project from concept to completion. Think of a producer as the conductor of the orchestra or the captain of a ship.

A producer can help you with many aspects of the pre-production process to prepare for your shoot, including script writing, story boarding, casting, location scouting, gathering props and wardrobe, as well as planning, scheduling, and coordinating all crew, cast and equipment needed for the shoot.

On shoot days, producers are your on-set contact and liaison between you and the crew. They are there to manage the crew, direct talent, coordinate meal breaks, ensure everything stays on schedule, and all video content that is needed is being captured. They can also help communicate your feedback to the crew to make sure things are adjusted along the way.

If your project requires capturing interviews or testimonials, they will be the ones to conduct the interviews and make sure the soundbites you need are being acquired.

They will also take notes on what content is being captured and which soundbites or takes are the best, to help communicate that during editing.

Sometimes clients aren’t able to be on set during the shoot, and if that’s the case, they can rest assured that the producer is directing the crew to capture exactly what they need.

During the post-production process, producers work with the editing team to post-supervise the project and make sure the clients’ vision is clearly communicated to the editors.

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Producers also work with clients after the video is edited to ensure that any revisions or changes are completed to achieve a final product that everyone loves.

Most of our clients prefer to work with a producer so they can rest easy throughout the process knowing their project is in the hands of a professional.