Renting Production Gear and Equipment

Renting production gear and equipment

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If you’re in Las Vegas shooting your own project and you don’t need our creative services or crew, but just need to rent some equipment, we can certainly help you out with that.

We have a large inventory of production equipment available for rent 24/7, 365 days a year.
Our camera packages available for rent include the best HD camera choices. We also rent our lens packages, jibs, dollies, and sliders to help elevate your camera packages to achieve specific types of shots.

We have complete audio kits for rental with mixers, lavalier mics, stick mics, boom mics, shotgun mics and more.

We have customizable lighting and grip packages with our Kinos, Arri lights, battery-powered LED lights, and all the grip tools and accessories to light up your shoot.

Our shoot-through teleprompter systems can be rented with a prompter operator to help your on-camera talent seamlessly deliver content.

We also have a Tricaster Fly pack available for rental. Our 850 Tricaster Extreme is built into a complete modular system and ideal for live or live-to-tape switching on site. We can provide you a qualified TD to operate it or you can use your own.

A staging area in our facility is available 24/7 for crews to pick-up and drop-off gear rentals. And all equipment is competitively priced.

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