Do I Need Professional Hair and Makeup for my Video Shoots?

Professional hair and makeup for video shoots

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Professional Hair & Makeup artists will make sure all your talent, whether professional actors or every-day people, are looking and feeling their best for your shoot. Even if your on-camera talent is used to doing their own hair & makeup for every-day wear, the camera and lights can make people look extra shiny and accentuate every stray hair popping out of place.

Hair and makeup artists are especially helpful if your on-camera talent are not professional actors. If you have employees, executives, or clients coming in to speak on behalf of your company, they are probably already nervous. Beginning their experience on set by relaxing in the makeup chair and having a nice conversation with the makeup artist can calm their nerves and give them the confidence they need to step onto set looking their best.

Do Men Need Professional Hair and Makeup for Shoots?

Yes, we do recommend professional hair & makeup artists for men too! Don’t worry guys, our makeup artists bring wipes so you can remove that makeup before heading home.

Will Location Be an Issue?

We work with some of the most experienced professional hair & makeup artists in town who can travel to any location with their complete makeup kit and chair. Or if you’re shooting in our studio here at our facility, your talent will enjoy getting the full movie-star treatment here in our luxurious makeup room adjacent to our studio.

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