Location Scouting

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If you don’t have the perfect place to shoot your video, our producers are happy to help you find the right locations that meet your needs. We have helped many clients find the perfect home, office, coffee shop, park, commercial kitchen, school classroom, warehouse, hotel room, pool, and many other specific locations requests to shoot their project.

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We have great relationships with many local home and business owners who are comfortable hosting large video crews in their spaces. We can help you negotiate a fair location fee, provide any insurance certificates necessary, and obtain the proper legal releases.

For some projects, a good option might be shooting in our large chromakey studio here at our facility and compositing in a digital or virtual background.

When it comes to iconic Las Vegas shoot locations, one common misconception that a lot of our clients have is that it is easy to shoot on the street of the famous Las Vegas Strip, inside casinos, or on Downtown Freemont Street. These streets, hotels and casinos are all private property and are highly patrolled and regulated by security, so you’re going to need to jump through a lot of hoops to shoot there, including obtaining the proper permits, security clearances, and usage rights, and often times paying location fees. That said, it’s not impossible and with the right budget we can help you make it happen, or suggest other suitable alternatives and creative work-arounds that will get you the quintessential Vegas look that you desire.

One fun fact is that the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign IS a public space and anyone can shoot video there anytime with no hassles!