Providing Licensed Music and Sound Effects for Your Video

Licensed music and sound effects for your video

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Adding music and sound effects to a video project is usually one of the last steps in the post-production process, but certainly a very important step in making your video come to life.

The right music can affect pacing, set the tone, and really drive the energy and overall feel of the video. So it’s important to have a vast library of music selections to choose from, and experienced audio engineers to make these important decisions. Lucky for you, we’ve got both!

Our company pays for subscriptions to multiple royalty-free music libraries that have every genre of music and kind of sound effect you could ever imagine, all licensed for legal use on your videos.

Obtaining Licenses to Popular Music

One question we are often asked by our clients is can they use a piece of popular music. The fees for obtaining the licenses to popular music can be very high, can take a long time to obtain, and in some cases might not even be an option. But chances are, we can find you a cut of music from our royalty-free licensed music library that has a very similar feel and flavor.

And once we’ve selected the perfect music for your project, specialty sound effects are the cherry on top… from things like an engine revving to door-bell chiming, dog barking, a phone ringing, dramatic drum rolls, or anything else your project might need.

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The whole audio editing process takes place right here in our facility in our state-of-the-art Pro-Tools audio suite. And you’re more than welcome to come down, relax here on our plush couches, enjoy some freshly baked cookies and coffee, and listen to all the magic happen.

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