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Formula 1®, the pinnacle of auto racing, is coming to Las Vegas, a city synonymous with entertainment, allure, and excitement. The electrifying combination of speed and the lights of Las Vegas is a dream setting for video productions during the F1® race. Returning for the second year, the 2024 Formula 1® race in Las Vegas will cover 50 laps of adrenaline-packed racing. 

What is Formula 1?

Formula 1®, or F1®, represents the pinnacle of motor racing, showcasing a combination of technology, design, and skill. Racers compete in a series of races, or Grand Prix, held globally. With millions of fans across the globe, F1® is not merely a sport; it is a spectacle, an experience of speed, precision, and thrill.

When is Formula 1 in Las Vegas?

The upcoming Formula 1 race in Las Vegas is set for Saturday, November 23, 2024, at 11:00 pm, drawing fans and race aficionados from around the world. 

The Formula 1® race this year in Las Vegas will be another unforgettable race night, racing through the heart of Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s 3.8-mile track will go down the strip, making a turn after Planet Hollywood, winding its way to the Sphere, and making its way back to the Strip between The Wynn and The Venetian where drivers can reach speeds over 210 mph.

Why is the Las Vegas F1 Race Significant?

The Las Vegas Formula 1® race holds profound importance both for the city and the global race community. For Las Vegas, it marks another jewel in its illustrious entertainment crown, attracting a global audience and contributing to the local economy. For the F1® community, it represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, a stage where historical racing legacy meets the modern, dynamic, and glamorous spirit of Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas F1 Video Production 

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With the upcoming big race in Las Vegas, there will be no shortage of exciting events to film. Levy Production Group, with its three decades of experience, stands as the standard of excellence in Las Vegas video production. Our seasoned and creative team is ready to provide unparalleled video production services to cover every aspect of the Las Vegas Formula 1® weekend, from the pre-race buzz to the final checkered flag.

Whether you are a brand looking to create promotional content, a media house needing comprehensive coverage, or a race team looking for race weekend coverage, Levy Production Group is prepared to meet your specific needs. We specialize in delivering high-quality, engaging, and dynamic video content that resonates with any audience while effectively conveying your narrative.

Las Vegas Video Production Services

Levy Production Group, an award-winning Las Vegas video production company, has decades of experience creating engaging video content. As such, we are uniquely qualified for convention production services, broadcast television service, as well as covering large events in Las Vegas such as Formula 1®. 

Why Choose Levy Production Group?

Choosing Levy Production Group means working with a company with unparalleled expertise in the video production industry. We pride ourselves on offering creative video solutions that are individually tailored to meet your unique requirements, vision, and brand identity. We work to ensure that every piece of content resonates with your audience. 

Best Video Production Company Las Vegas  

The Formula 1® race in Las Vegas is more than just a sporting event, it’s a confluence of passion, technology, and entertainment. Capturing its essence requires a video production company in Las Vegas that mirrors these values. Levy Production Group, with its unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence, is the perfect solution for your Las Vegas Formula 1® video production needs. 

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