Sales & Marketing Video Production

Video can be used as a perfect tool to assist with both sales and marketing for your company or organization. At Levy Production Group, we’ve produced award-winning sales videos and marketing videos for Las Vegas small businesses and companies throughout the country. Sales and marketing videos can help convey value proposition more effectively, create credibility and generate desire for a company’s products or services.

Levy Production Group has been creating powerful sales and marketing videos for nearly three decades. Whether you need a short 30-second piece or a 30-minute in-depth presentation, LPG can provide just what you need to create a high quality, high impact sales and marketing video.

A sales video can act like a 24-hour salesperson, working 365 days, selling to customers worldwide. It can be a powerful tool that will give your company the ability to present your products and services to potential customers, while demonstrating your facility’s operations and capabilities to the customer.

A professional sales video can leave a lasting impression and help your salespeople close more sales. Marketing videos can act as a flexible sales tool to add to your marketing mix to increase customer knowledge, leads and sales.

Sales & Marketing Video Production – Concept to Completion

Many companies use an advertising agency to handle the creative aspect of their sales and marketing videos, but Levy Production Group’s creative services can also help you with any part of the process in creating your sales and marketing videos. Levy Production Group can provide writers, producers, directors and even graphic artists to help you develop your sales and marketing videos. We can cast any professional talent that you might require for your project, as we have relationships with many top talent agencies throughout Las Vegas and the Southwest.

Full Service Video Production Facility

Our expert camera, sound and lighting crews are the most experienced and professional in Las Vegas. Their years of experience in the industry, combined with the latest production gear and techniques, allow us to provide you with unrivaled production quality. Once your video has been shot, our post production team of editors, special effects artists and sound engineers will craft a final product that will meet your highest expectations.

Our facility boasts two state-of-the-art green screen sound stages, fully lit, with a spacious makeup and wardrobe suite as well as a plush and comfortable “Green Room”. We can even cater your shoot in our large kitchen and dining area.

Levy Production Group can be your partner in producing compelling sales and marketing videos that come to life. Whether this is your first production experience or you’re a seasoned veteran, our team will help make the experience rewarding and enjoyable.

We welcome you to check out our demos page to see what we’ve achieved for other clients just like you, then give us a call or fill out our simple quote form and one of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss the creation of your new sales and marketing video.

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