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Award Winning Commercial Productions in Las Vegas

Turning channel surfers into buyers is the product of a great commercial. At Levy Production Group, we’ve been producing television commercials for nearly three decades for some of the largest brands, in addition to many of Las Vegas’s small businesses.

From pre-production and scriptwriting, to casting, music and graphics, we can handle your project from concept to completion and leave you with a television commercial that is sure to engage your customer.

Levy Production Group is the leader in Las Vegas commercial video production and beyond. Mike, Barry and their qualified team of experts develop the strategic vision to make sure your commercial production turns into new customers for your business.

Companies such as The Palazzo, Cantor Gaming and Stations Casino have all trusted their commercial video productions to Levy Productions.

Levy Productions also has expertise in producing infomercials, sometimes known as direct response television productions. We’ve produced hundreds of infomercials that have helped our clients achieve millions of dollars in sales. Our award-winning team knows how to produce infomercials that are both entertaining and informative, but always geared towards convincing the consumer to buy.

It all starts with an initial consultation to discuss your goals and objectives, and then our qualified team of professionals get to work. We take a look at your product or service, your branding, your customer base and who you want to attract, and present you with options to meet those needs…within your budget. Our equipment and technology is unmatched, but not every commercial production needs a 25-crew, full blown 10-camera set up. We guarantee to work under the budget parameters that you set, and provide options and solutions to deliver a professional commercial production that works for your company.

Depending on the scope of the project, we write a script, audition talent, hire the director and storyboard the production. We discuss the options of shooting on film or on videotape, and can provide animation when necessary. We can bring in voice-over talent and provide both original and library music.

If you are an advertising or marketing agency, we will work tirelessly to make your clients’ television advertising campaigns the absolute best. We can help with creative content ideas, or if you prefer, we’ll just focus on production elements and give you the best prices available to make your company the star.

Years ago, Las Vegas commercial video productions lacked the quality and standards that major motion pictures were privy to. With advanced technology, the game has changed and these videos are now produced using the same types of production styles as broadcast television and movie studios.

When it comes to producing infomercials and commercial video productions, no other company in Las Vegas has more crews or more equipment. With over 20 camera packages to chose from, half of them high definition, the company can handle shoots of all sizes. We can shoot and edit in all formats from HD to mini DV and everything in between.

Expressing your message with enticing video is our expertise. Levy Production Group has produced some of the most creative, visually stunning and result-oriented commercials in Las Vegas and the entire Southwest. Let us help you produce a campaign that gets results.

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